Wednesday, May 23

Did anybody else hear this?

11 am Eastern time NPR news. Karl Cassell tries at least three times to correctly say, "Monica Goodling" without saying "Lewinsky."

I couldn't record it in time before they updated the feed with Corva Coleman. Shoot. It was hilarious.

Radio? Panties? I don't know why I even despair anymore...when everything is on YouTube.


  1. Dude kinda looks like Kos.

  2. Seriously, Big Daddy. I don't expect to spit beverage on my keyboard at my own blog.

    I mean, the idea that anyone would throw panties at Kos. Heh.

  3. This is a funny ad.

    Wait... isn't XM where Imus ran to hide? Or that Stern's hole?

    I take it back.

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Why wasn't that in my service agreement with XM?

    BTW, Quaker Dave, Stern is on Sirius, and XM is on the verge of cancelling those assholes, Opie and Anthony. Now if they would just bring back Olbermann....

  5. That's funny, I keep calling her Monica Canoodling.

    Freudian slip I guess.

  6. Yes, Blue Gal, I heard "Monica Lew..."

  7. beegee,
    download the podcast of this past weekend's "wait wait don't tell me." Paul Seygal makes a good joke and they play the clip of Karl's slip. it's in the first 15 seconds of the show so you don't even have to listen if it's not your thing.

    it is my thing, for the record. and i'm not ashamed.


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