Thursday, May 24

A Republican? Ya think?

From News of the Weird:

According to the manager of BJ's Pawn Shop in Gretna, La., a customer came in with his diaper-clad boy of about age 2 in April and handed the kid an AK-47 from the store's shelf, instructed him how to hold it in order to "mow (people) down, kill everybody," and told him that "Daddy's going to buy you this chopper." The manager, incredulous, said he took the gun back and shooed the pair out. [WKMG-TV (Orlando), 4-5-07]

Ya mean the pawn shop owner didn't call Child Protective Services? Oh wait, it's Louisiana.

UPDATE: Evil Spock shared with us in comments. Don's rent a gun in Indiana. At first I seriously thought it was a clip from that Weird Al movie UHF. Remember? Spatula City?


  1. Of course he didn't call protective services..he didn't want to lose the kid's bidness when he gets old enough to buy for himself.

  2. Aren't those guns supposed to be behind the counter?!?

    I feel for those who live in the South. Though, being in Indiana, I have to deal with this guy

  3. Just thinking about buying this bib should be grounds for an abuse charge.


  4. War loving Republicans can't afford to waste time when teaching hate!

  5. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Hey Blue Gal :) Just wanted to chime in that I'm an Indy girl (transplanted to Cincy) and I so remember Don "I don't want to make any money. I just loooooooove to sell guns"! His other big quote was something like - it's better to own a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one.

    I did find this tidbit - that he is one of the top five gun dealers in the country for selling guns to criminals. One of his guns is connected to a crime every day of the year in 2005.

  6. Ya gotta remember: In Loosiana, "he needed killin'" is a valid murder defense.

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I ain't understandin' what all tha commoshun is bout.
    Shoot I learned my girl how ta shoot when she was knee hi ta a pickled egg.
    Ain't no colored putin' their filthy mitts on my Reba Marie Sue Tracy Lynn Hornswagller. No siree Bob.
    I ain't sharin'.She's the best kisser a the lot o'em.

    Guns ain't killin' people, I is.

    Dern tootin'...

  8. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Probably the reason the pawn shop owner didn't call Child Protective services is because Man with Toddler would have known who called. By then, he might have bought a military assault weapon from another pawn shop. At least the pawn shop owner said "no", much louder than a lot of politicians do. A society that wants to be reasonably safe, does it's best to stop the easy acquisition, by anyone passing by, of lethal weapons. Guns R Us, doesn't cut it. That's why the provincial government in Ontario, Canada is talking about gun control and handguns, after a 15 yr. old boy was shot and killed in a high school washroom this week, after an argument outside the school--a boy who didn't get in any trouble.
    The police are looking for another teenager.

  9. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Speaking of kids and guns. Check this shit out.

  10. I could totally see that happening in my hometown. They actually close schools for a whole week at Thanksgiving -- not so kids can visit out-of-town family members at the holidays but for DEER SEASON!

    Waitwaitwait... rent a gun? Oh, sweet Jesus, please tell me that's a spoof.


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