Friday, August 29

Art and Chaos Day at Blue Gal

This is just too cool. If you're a process person like me you'll be enraptured. Found at GalleyCat.


  1. Very cool. Hie thee to this site to see some other cool paper art.
    It's in Korean about a dutch(?) artist, but the pictures speak for themselves.

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    This was outstanding, thank you! I'm something of a process junkie myself, always curious about how things are bolted together.

    Also: Immediate adoration for the use of the word vituperative in your banner. That's just a fucking good word. I'm among those Liberal Bloggers, too, that doesn't care about the potty mouth angle. Of course, my site is called Clusterdouche!, so I guess that goes without saying.


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