Saturday, August 30

Proof-positive Satan has a travel agency.

And he has a very special venue for blogger marketing conventions.

It's called Orlando.

That's right, Orlando, Florida! Where we can

"connect with other social marketers and content creators"

"meet innovative and creative internet personalities"

and MOST IMPORTANTLY! "learn how to become a well-rounded blogger."

And I would bet the farm that Lucifer provided a very special bloggers-only discount to start the convention on September 11.

Okay! Watch this promotional video, and then find out how much they will pay me to attend this convention.

Oh sorry, that isn't enough money.

PS. After I wrote this post I searched around to see if this thing is actually for real. Apparently it is.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I recognized one of the individuals in the video. Sorry - I recognized one of the individuals PRIOR to the birthday caking of their faces from an absolutely useless conference I went to in June.

    At least my conference was free and it was only 6 blocks from the house.

  2. "learn how to become a well-rounded blogger"

    What, like all the lumpy love muffins over at RedState?


  3. Sorry couldn't watch the whole thing because I got nauseated!

    Holy crap that is scary.

  4. iz they got cheetos?

  5. All I can say is WTF?

  6. I saw just enough to form a response: LawdGawd Ugly!"

  7. Are you guys as excited as I'm being paid to be!


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