Thursday, August 28

Yeah, yesterday I had to kind of hand it to Joe Scarborough.

At the little blog across the street.

Update: One of my faithful readers wrote me,

Woohoo! My two favorite things! Bathtubs and Cheetos!

Me: And what's really great is, outside of my Photoshop bathtub? My Cheetos are actually bigger than that. (rimshot)


  1. i love that photo. you are just too much!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    As Padme said to Qui-Gon, "You assume too much."

  3. 'A jug of Pepsi, a tub of Cheetos, and thou'.


  4. What a pure coincidence. Sitting here at work eating Cheetos, clicking on links and thinking about doing some blogging myself. If the Cheetos weren't so expensive in our vending machine, I'd eat a tub full right now!

    It's been great to see Joe Scab get his panties in a wad this week!

  5. I thought you said you weren't in Denver?

    The Illinois netroots crowd is ga-ga over the Cheetos lady. Don't say I said anything, but reports are that you're the e-ticket attraction.

    "Much better than the pay-porn at the cheesy motel that Prairie State Blue popped for."

    Whatever you do, don't accept their invitation to the hazing.

  6. Bet ya can't eat just one!

  7. Your hair looks fucking awesome, but shouldn't it be, you know, BLUE!?

  8. So how long does it take to wash all of that orange residue off? Color me curious.

  9. Curious orange...or yellow? Don't show me off to be as old as I am, NYC.

  10. Anonymous10:10 PM

    I love what you've done to your hair!

  11. Christ! It's too late to go to the store for a tub o'cheetos. . .
    I don't care. That's one cheesy photochop.


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