Wednesday, August 20

Oh god, he wouldn't.

inspired by Fafblog's latest.


  1. oh- i think he would. lindsay and joe went to the middle east at the behest of johnny boy. guess they haven't realized that they are the short list yet.

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I hope he does. At this point, the election may turn on inspiration of the voters to turn out. Nothing would drag Dems out to vote more than being able to shoot down Holy Joe. Also nothing else would prove to the Rethuglicans that McSame is as crazy as we know he is than putting this loser on the ticket.

  3. "Starting with the Middle East, and we shall work our way Eastward, HO!...Wait, dude, aren't we gunna end up in California eventually"

    "Shut up John"

  4. oh my god, they really do want to start the appocalypse.

  5. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I think he would.

    And I hope to Gawd he does.

  6. Didn't Turncoat Joe once say the solution to all foreign affairs was carpet bombing?

    And doesn't Dubious Joe sort of look like Dr. Strangelove?

    Oh, I think he and Old John are a fab couple.

  7. on a diffent thing altogether,

    i gave you a "kick ass" blogger kick ass in the best way.

    it's at my blog cause i am awful at linking and such.

  8. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I think it's all theater. Joe Lieberman with McCain? Biden as Obama's VP? They are playing with our heads to get us to pay attention. I don't think either Joe has a snowball's chance in hell.

  9. I'm with Pat Day on this one. Joe Lieberman would bring out the "Crush Lieberman" vote in retribution for his jumping ship (political move to keep his sorry butt in office) and his philandering affair with mccain (lower case intended). I guess both Lindsey and Joe have big crushes on mccain.

  10. Anonymous12:22 AM

    I hope he does. LIEberman's 87% Democratic voting record will not go over well down in Klanservative Jesusistan. That, and the guy is a Jew...

  11. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Lieberman will sink McCain . .

    And Biden is in, the Secret Service have already been dispatched to his home . .

    See Huffpo or ABC Snooze . . .

    The race is on, and only one can win.
    You want GOBAMA, or you want McCain?

    Life is simple, don't fuck it up.


  12. Anonymous10:10 AM

    At last! After all these years! We have a decent Democratic Presidential Candidate, molded in the likeness of John F. Kennedy!

    We have a man who is willing to get tough with international bullies such as Russia or Iran, like John F. Kennedy!

    We have a man who is willing to fight a protracted War on Terror (, like John F. Kennedy.

    We have a man who is fully committed to Civil Rights Legislation, like John F. Kennedy.

    We have a man willing to reach across the Congressional ailes, like John F. Kennedy did with his dear friends, Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater.

    We have a man fully committed to Tax Cuts as THE necessary means to grow the Economy, like John F. Kennedy.

    We have a man who was a well decorated War Hero, like John F. Kennedy.

    I give you the next Democratic President, made of the same substance as John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's 21st Century Carbon Copy, John Sidney McCain!


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