Thursday, August 14

I know I know....

Keith Olbermann said "panties" last night.

About the ebay item where the cheated-upon wife sells a picture of the girlfriend's "huge" panties along with the "small" condom wrapper belonging to her soon-to-be ex-husband.

She's the wronged party in alla this, and Ebay revenge like that tastes sweet for a couple of fruit fly minutes. But when you go public like that about all the ways you were wronged, we learn more about you than about anyone else...

Gee, looks like a fat-bottomed girl made his rocking world go round, lady. And you spent twenty years with Mister Tinypecker, who risked his 20 year relationship with you to be with someone who looks like this...

You make fun of her figure, but who was let into your house specifically to take off the black lace panties?

But hey, you got...

...15 minutes of infamy through Ebay....

...the whole world knows that you have no dignity...

...all you got on your spouse and his lover are a few snide remarks about body shape on the internets...

...and by your own words we all know of your anger management style which includes the unique "throw his clothes on the rainy lawn gambit."

They flag people like you at E-Harmony, honey.

And Keith made you a "best person"? Note: So was Sean Hannity.

PS. A note on perspective to my fellow bloggers. The general rule is, it's always government officials over media idiots. Ergo, the US Attorney General is, because he has actual power, a bigger wanker than Sean Hannity.

And I can't wait for the Olympics to be over.

h/t G.B. and thanks for reminding me about Ingres.


  1. yeah!!! i was thinking the very same as i watched it last night!

  2. Women who go straight for the "he's too small" insult have always struck me as the female equivalent of the guy with the "No Fat Chicks" trucker cap on his head.

    This woman managed to be both.

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Just wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes. Oh, yeah.

  4. I don't know this 'Mukasey' fellow. He work in the government or something?

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    When he said "panties" I could hear you snickering all the way over here.

  6. The Olympics are so overrated.

  7. That said, I imagine the 25K US her "item" bidding is up to will help take some of the chill off of eating revenge cold...

  8. Hey, for $25,500 I'd tell that story on eBay! Yikes!

    Don't try and call me tomorrow cause I'll be at Target buying panties and condoms.


  9. There's a sucker born every second they say. She did not get $25,500 for those items. Did she? You'd have to pay me a hefty amount to even throw them in the trash for her. Nastay.


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