Saturday, August 30

Saturday Song(s)

Andy Williams is one of the top five underrated singers in the history of pop music. Here he is with Tony Bennett in 1965:


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    "top five" and "underrated" in one swipe. I'm dying from ironic overload, Blue Gal. He is a fine stylist, though, I'll give you that. Crooning with Tony doesn't hurt, either.

  2. My sisters still tease me about the crush i had on Andy Williams when I was like 7 or 8 or thereabouts. I still LOVE ANDY WILLIAMS!!

  3. But Taylorbad! I actually HAVE a top five list of underrated singers!

    1. Doris Day
    2. Andy Williams
    3. Christine McVie
    4. David Bowie
    5. Marilyn Monroe

  4. Hey, I actually owned an Andy Williams album when I was younger. And yes I said album, not CD ... ha


  5. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Sweet jeezu, I had to suffer through that show every week, along with Dean Martin. The LPs, too. before I got to age 12 and got my own "stereo." With headphones from Radio Shack.

    Thanks for that flashback. NO, really. Thanks a LOT.

  6. Anonymous1:16 AM

    I'll grant you that list, but the fact that you were able to select those top five over all other underrated singers is a de facto over-rating. (None of that matters except that it allowed me to use "de facto.")

  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Andy Williams was a watanabe Perry Como with out the range. He sang platitudes lacking in any human emotion. White Bread for White People. The only reason he was on the TeVee was that the networks would not allow a person of color on the air, with the exception of Cole.

    I guess you are too young to really appriciate the 50's-60's & 70's



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