Monday, August 4

My kids are international strategists.


So we're driving to the home repair store (the one that did not pay for Bush's second inaugural) because we need a new bathroom sink in the children's bathroom. Nuff said.

There is nothing so enlightening as discussing world directions with those who are 4, 6, and 10.

"January comes after Christmas," says Junior Dude, 10. "But Bush's last day isn't until January 20th."

"Right." (Junior Dude has read mommy's coffee mug)

So then I tell my children that I wish Bush was out of office sooner and with that we start off on a series of "why's" that end up a discussion of Bush 43's obsessive interest in removing Saddam Hussein from office.

Dude: "Bush should have gone over to Iraq and killed Hussein himself instead of starting a whole war about it."

I really can't add anything more to that.


  1. You know you are a progressive when your children know the date of Bush's last day better than Christmas.

  2. Oh and Junior Dude is a much better international strategist than anyone Bush could ever hope to find.

  3. Sure, but how is he on domestic issues? For instance, what program would he institute to shore up the national infrastructure? And where does he stand on the estate tax?

  4. I'd have sent Cheney to do it. He's mean enough.

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    whereupon I would have explained how W needs someone to help him tie his shoelaces and someone else to pre-chew his pretzels for him. High level hit like that ain't gonna happen.

  6. Bernie Markus and Arthur Blank can kiss my ass, and I don't shop in Home Despot either. Haven't in years, and never will again. These right wing asshats can take their stupid aquarium of death and bloated egos and stuff it as well.


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