Saturday, August 2

Fix the blogs weekend

Lots of people having problems with IE, which I don't use unless absolutely necessary.

Got this through Crooks and Liars (they don't need a link from me and besides, I'm le tired):

apparently it's from here:

How to Fix the IE error on Wordpress, Blogger, and Other Sites

We removed the Sitemeter tracking code from our site and now the site is loading fine. If you need to remove this from your site, the code you're looking for is:


  1. I believe this has to do with Sitemeter's "upgrades." And this is before they get to tomorrow's "scheduled outages."

  2. I have a bunch of links about the Sitemeter issue too- passed along by four other people....come to watergateummer for more fixes...

    ( Skippy passed it along..)

    thanks for this bg...


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