Friday, August 29

Uh oh.

We're having rather noisy thunderstorms here last night, so 4yo was up during the final minutes of Obama's speech.

She's changed her mind. She doesn't want a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, she wants it at Mile High Stadium.


The speech was wonderful, populist, true. I still got a sneaking suspicion that the real winner last night, culturally speaking, was Simon Cowell. The American Idol-ization of our nation's presentation of itself is complete.

The other cultural winner? The late Jerry Falwell. Did anyone watch the convention via the Democratic Party feed? The post-speech invocation came right out of the Crystal Cathedral. There were actually Democrats (white Democrats, mind you, we STILL marginalize Black faith in this country) weeping and nodding with their hands open to the sky. At a Democratic Convention. You guys know I'm a believing Christian but this public display of affection was, well, distasteful. I liken it to a gay man sleeping with his mother's best friend's daughter. It was like we needed to hump the cross to prove something to some suspicious authority.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I was a little taken aback by the "in Jesus' name we pray at the end of the prayer." But the right wing spin today, provided by our Friend in Crunchy Snackdom Joe Scarborough was that it struck just the right note with those who think Dems don't let Christians be Christians.

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I'm waiting to hear that the fireworks were faked and that Paris Hilton sang for Sheryl Crowe...

  3. at least the guy said pray in your own faith. i never heard that from anyone before.

    it's a start.

  4. As the Christian Right has been selling wolf tickets regarding size and strength for so long in America, it's to be expected that a certain degree of conspicuous fealty (or if one prefers,unseemly pandering) has made inroads upon the mindset and become part of the calculations of those attempting to claim the center square.

    The difference might be a matter of approach, perhaps...A design of inclusion rather than a co-opting strategy.

  5. Creepy... I did not like that and like you, I believe.

    Not cool.

  6. hump the cross, rock the house, take out the garbage


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