Friday, August 1

If you're down, let us know.

Blogger (or some malicious person) seems to be marking some of us as spam bloggers.

Skippy, Monkey Muck, Phydeaux Speaks, Frieda Bee, and SteveAudio are among those affected. You can read and post comments to their blogs but they cannot post.

Skippy is now posting temporarily here.

Monkey is here for now.

Blogger help group has a lot of unhappy people on it...this is not a personal thing.

I hope all bloggers who have this happen can grab a screen shot of the last 100 or so IP addys to visit their blogs. I'll bet there's a common denominator there.

If you or a blogger you know is locked out of Blogger, leave a comment. We'd all like to know how widespread this problem is.


  1. Several are down in Tennessee as well.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Can you say WordPress?


  3. They got us at Guys from Area51 as well...

  4. I'm back up and running. Pretty sure it was a Blogger SNAFU, but I'll do a screen shot of my visitor log.

    Power to the Bloggers ... Umm, the People, not the Platform, Because We Rock and Stuff!

    (Damn, I really need to work on my sloganeering)

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Weirdness in Blogtopia lately. 404 msgs when trying to load comments section, word verification turned off, anonymous anonymous for nickname and padlock turned off. Maybe those evul hairy islamofascists are working overtime in their caves in Islamostan?

  6. What the hell. I better get something to track IPs just in case.

    Fucking wingnuts. And if it turns out to not be them, fucking wingnuts.

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Anyone in your group (Fran, Monkey, Phydeaux, Fran, Freida....heck, who else? anyone, though. anyone), is welcome to guest-post as the otherwhirled if you're looking for space to vent. i'd be happy to setup accounts for you and you're seriously welcome to vent away. we don't even need to agree ideologically on anything other than the fact that blogger sucks! ;-)

  8. I'm down as of this morning -- already was considering moving to WordPress. Thanks, Blogger, for helping me decide.

    Was it the story I wrote on Exxon Mobil? Was it when I called Cindy McCain a "cougar"? I guess I'll never know ....

  9. As of this morning I'm down, too. I kind of doubt anything nefarious--I suspect good old fashioned incompetence.

  10. Anonymous11:23 AM

    i jumped ship to wordpress looooong ago.

    i do have still one or two, uh, er, multiple personality disorder blogs over here under different names where i post once every three months or so..... ;)

    they lost me pretty much when google bought 'em.

  11. Yeah, I'm in lockdown too.

    I tried moving alicublog to Wordpress but wound up spending several hours watching the site pretend to load onto their server until it abandoned the charade at about March 2006 in my archives. I never got the whole thing to load and Wordpress customer service was unresponsive -- literally. Wish I knew of a better service.

  12. A blogger friend referred me here. I've been following the progress of AFRICOM, the Africa Command, and writing some on the mercenary corporations and their trade and lobbying association, the IPOA. As of Friday evening I received notice from Blogger that I'm blocked too. I already had some censorship issues with Google, and have a newer version of Crossed Crocodiles up at wordpress.
    I hope I'll be able to keep the blogger version live.
    Many thanks for publishing on this issue.

  13. thx for the announcement and posting of my skippy junior link, blue gal!

    i'm seriously considering wordpress right now, too.

  14. Now that I think of it, I did have several visits from the US State department.

  15. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It has to be a Blogger/Google screw-up because they hit Elayne's Journal, which features the Silly Site of the Day, life in NYC, and inside comic book rumors and gossip.

    It's absurd.

  16. Anonymous1:54 PM

    ...Roger Ailes (The Good One) reported in his comment section that he is locked down, too, over the "spam" issue...

  17. My blog isn't down, but I have to jump through hoops just to get my posts published. It's very annoying.......


  18. This happened to RevGalBlogPals, so it's not a purely political phenomenon. I posted at the Blogger Help group last night and by this morning we were working again.

  19. Hey Blue Gal. Thanks for the update. I was down at The Impolitic last night and this morning but I was unlocked around noontime today. I may have been one of the first to request a review though because I discovered it late last night.

    The last I heard, my co-blogger was still down at his personal blog, Human Voices.

  20. Maru's 'WTF' is blocked also!

  21. Liberal blogger here locked out, too.
    (In Nashville, TN)

    I think there's a connection between Google and China unblocking the Internet that Google helped them block a long time, ago, and there was a glitch and Google doesn't want to admit it's working with China on censorship.

    There's something very wrong, and we all need to find out what it is, because it wasn't a computer glitch that marked some of us as spam. That's a bunch of crap.

  22. Anonymous7:11 PM

    This obviously doesn't help those whose blogs have been fucked, but: WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous8:53 PM

    crooks & liars, first draft and avedon carol's the side show are all down.

    michelle malkin's blog and another rightwing blog "bearing drift" that i was trolling earlier are also down. i suppose one could consider that a ray of sunshine in the dark.

    has anything this hwidespread happened before? it's looking like a lot more than "a handful" of blogs are affected.

  24. Just tried to post without success.

    Several book-marked faves served by blogspot fail to load for viewing.

    Any further word on what's up?

  25. Thnaks for the shout out BG. I'm back now but I'll be keeping the other blog open just in case. And if they piss me off again I may swtich to Wordpress.

  26. I was taken down, but I'm back up now.

    Seems to have been a crazed spambot gone wild.

  27. i had no problems yesterday but today i keep getting a message that i can not access my site or a lot of other blogger sites.

  28. Quite a few Blogger blogs seem to suddenly be inaccessible via Internet Explorer. Try using a different browser.

  29. Thank you Blue Gal. I had more hits on a day I didn't post than on a regular day in a long time. Talk about getting in a car wreck wearing dirty panties. If only I'd known. I'll do a screen shot of my stats.

  30. Anonymous2:43 AM

    This is beyond strange. In '04 or '05, my original site was taken over while I was out of town by what I call porno spammers. It actually took over 6 months, and then one day I happened to check and they had apparently given up the site so I at least finally got the url back. I reported them as a spam site -- which it was -- and they(blogger) never, ever locked it/blocked it. Also, while I thanked blogger for getting rid of them finally, I have no idea if they had any part in it. I've never recovered the traffic I had with the old site.

  31. um, that was me, diane from formerly of


  32. I was down at Cause For Concern early Friday afternoon, immediately put in for a review, and was cleared by late Friday, enough time to post once before leaving town for the weekend.

    Google Analytics running, so I'll have some IP info and link to relateds in a dedicated post Monday.

    Thanks BG for pulling it all together.


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