Thursday, August 7

Writing a novel with help from the interwebs?

James Morrow is writing a book about a nineteenth century contest to prove/disprove the existence of God. The book takes place in Brazil. You can read more about it here and the cool thing is, you can sign up at that same website to contribute ideas and information to the author that might help with the research for the book.

What's in it for you? Well, post your own creative project, novel, film, play, weight loss goal(kidding) etc. and find out who is out there to help you along. The idea behind ICrew is to get creative types working together on specifically outlined projects.

Another cool project there is a movie about "a troubled group of mill girls who return [in] 1912 to guide a bankrupt, modern-day mill owner when her future threatens their past." (I love stuff like that.)

[Full Disclosure I'm "officially" helping ICrew out with internet outreach in the hopes that I'll someday be invited to a Park Avenue writers' party attended by Wallace Shawn. Just saying. - BG]


  1. that is a so cool this...

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Thanks for the information.

    Mrs OG is already looking at the site.


  3. Very cool...I will definitely check it out. Where do you find this stuff?

  4. well, Adam, sometimes they find me. :)

  5. Thanks. This is a good idea. I need something like this. Going there.

  6. Anonymous4:27 PM

    thanks! i just posted a project i'm working on there. it's called New Orleans Airlift...

    wish us luck!


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