Friday, August 8

The only question I have about the Edwards thing.

That, and this one: David Gregory? Would you come a little closer over here so I can kick your bent over for Bush ass?

And thanks for letting me steal your idea, JH.


  1. What in the living fuck does Edwards' tryst have to do with Obama?

    We'll find out on FauxNoise for the next month at least. Gird yerself with a puke bucket at all times.

  2. What gets me is the complete lack of class in regards to Mrs. Edwards. What can possibly be accomplished by bringing this crap up, as he no longer a contender for POTUS. I guess this is a juvenile attempt at sullying the DNP, but in my eyes, it just spells FAIL for all of America. When you can't show some restraint where a cancer patient and her family are concerned, what does that say about us as a nation in general??!!! Puke barrel; more likely!

  3. never let it be said that the MSM really cares about anything other than sex....

    war in russia?
    bush the hypocrite?

    nah, nothing like a good roll in the hay from someone who has nothing to do with anything

  4. his wife has more class in her little finger than the media and her husband have all together!

    the republicans?

    lower than whale crap!

  5. i'm sorry.... this Edwards thing..... BFD..... this obsession with sex scandals is obtuse

  6. Excellent post, BG. And while there certainly are more important issues the media could discuss, I must say that I think John Edwards is a total weenie. He has now entered the recored books along side Newt Gingrich, who asked his former wife to sign their divorce papers from her hospital bed.

    Elizabeth Edwards deserves better than this.


  7. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I for one applaud David Gregory's ability to speak while he has Karl Rove's dick in his mouth.

  8. Hey BG!

    Good one! Stole your pic, paired it w/ a Limerick from Mad Kane for a post. OK?

    Dear John, to your run I said, “Yay!”

    And I thought you’d go far, come what may.

    Then you cheat on your spouse

    And deny it, you louse!

    But will Coulter stop calling you gay?

  9. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Wolfson's a wanker of the first order. As is, apparently, the entire corporate media. I don't care that Obama's black. I don't care that Hillary's a woman. And, I don't care if Edwards had an affair. If I'd known about this before the primary, I'd still have voted for him. And if he wasn't on the ticket, I still wouldn't have voted for Hillary.

  10. You know Ann Coulter is insanely jealous of Whatshername who slept with Edwards.


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