Monday, August 4

We will NOT sing Happy Birthday Barack Obama at Skype Salon tonight.

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That is because Skype Salon is just typing, not singing or talking or anything that requires use of a headset. All you need is a keyboard and high speed internet.

Hope to see you there 9 Eastern for about an hour. (And Happy Birthday, Barack. Don't eat that red frosting. The dye in that crap'll make you mental. That's why she's called "crazy" Amy)

Obama Cake
Originally uploaded by Crazy Amy


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Skype is like playing roulette - sometimes you get in, most of the time you don't!

    I tried, BG, honest.



  2. I had the same issue, but I also tried at closer to 9 Central time so maybe that was the issue I don't know.


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