Wednesday, August 6

Let's not get cocky, kids...

...but did I tell you guys I ordered an "Alabama for Obama" shirt and they're on backorder?

A big part of this election is going to be just how many African American voters are disenfranchised by the racist war on drugs.

That's because every single one that isn't disenfranchised is gonna be drinking BillO's motherfuckin iced tea at the polling place.

And frankly I don't think it would be a good thing for Obama to carry Alabama with an all black vote, which is what it would take. He's better off, as President, being elected by a wider cross section of voters.... 50 state strategy sounds good, and this may be a landslide, but unless the economy really tanks I don't have enough faith in white voters in the South to see Obama carrying the state of my former residence.


  1. Holy crap! Backorder.

    I agree with what you say, let's go broad and have the consensus that is needed.

    Such a dreamer I am!

    I like my dreams to become real however.

  2. If he gets Alabama's electoral votes, whether it be with the help of lots of crackers, or few, as long as he gets 'em.

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I don't like what the polls are telling me about the effectiveness of McCain's attack ads. Sure, they look lame to us but millions of Americans are apparently not that bright.

    Sorry to sound "elitist."

  4. Bah, it has nothing to do with McCain's lame attack ads. Barack's dip in popularity has to do with him giving the finger to his base on a consistent basis (offshore drilling the most recent). The corporate media isn't saying that because this flip-flopping is in their interest and they depend on this election being an even fight and not a knockout.

  5. Let's not be picky... Obama needs all the states he can get. Regarding polls and popularity contests, I'm betting the shadow effect of Bush and his ignorant followers will somehow be a monkey wrench in this election. And talking heads and TV pundits are still clueless.

  6. I drink your milkshake! I mean, your muthafuckin' iced tea!

  7. I'm a little nervous here in Ohio as well. We're not only populated with plenty of conservatives and racists, but we've got pockets of ignorance bleeding through from KY and WV where they still think Obama is a Muslim.

    At least I'm optimistic they're ignorant.

    "Ignorance is just not knowing. That's easy to fix. Not like stupid. There's no fixin' stupid."

    - Local children's show (Toledo) closing comments

  8. Oh, and for clark:

    Yay elitism!

  9. That doesn't really surprise me.

    As Obama himself noted, even the most staunchly red state routinely votes 40% Democratic come election time. But even with 100% black turnout, this state is still only 1/3 African-American which is not enough to swing it towards Obama in the fall.

    Out of four and a half million people, less than a million African-Americans are registered and less than that will likely turn out. So even though he'll get maybe 40% of the white vote, that combined with the black vote is not enough to turn the tide.


    Georgia has a better shot than Alabama does.

  10. Anonymous7:04 PM

    C'mon, BG -- get over it. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Stop bargaining and doan get depressed. Acceptance is waiting for you, and he's a good friend.


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