Wednesday, August 13

A poem I wrote for Wednesday

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards. - Robert Heinlein

ABCDE poems. Five words per line, each word starting with A, B, C, D, E.

I heard my first one in Port Townsend at the Flying Karamazov/Chautauqua show (if anyone remembers the name of the poet please let me know. Thanks.)

For Joe Scarborough

Any blogger can develop enemies
Among big corporate devil elites.
Also, bloggers can't distinguish evil:
All bad condemned, Democrats even.
And bloggers cherish doing elegys
Against barely competent dopey electorates.

Are bloggers Cheetos-dust-eating
Assholes? But commenters don't equal
A blogger, certainly. Don't equate
Actual bloggers, Crooks, Drifty, Eschaton, [Fafblog]
Aristocrats, Blondesense, Chutney, Digby, even
anonymous bloggers cursing daily every
aggravation Bush can deign emit,
and boys culling dogshit. Every
actual blogger creates distinct, essential
Art. Bitchy commenting? DailyK eyeballs?
Approximate blogging? Crimy! Don't even
ask bloggers, cramming daily events
as bloggers can do, "Easy?"

A blogger can't do "easy."



  1. Ayup, Bluegal. Can do - exemplified!

  2. I love that the likes of Scarborough still doesn't know who he's up against.

  3. Mr. Morning Joe
    Collecting wingnut welfare
    Jealous of bloggers

    (Sorry, I can only do haiku.)

  4. No, blogging isn't always easy. Blue Gal proves that she is a blog leader.

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Nicely done. When he googles Joe Scarborough + bloggers + Cheetos, you just know his beady eyes are going to narrow, his brow is going to furrow and he's going to spend five minutes trying to figure out how to pronounce Karamozov/Chautauqua before he gives up and starts scanning the post for dirty words.

  6. Aw bloody chuffed, dammit, even
    a bleedin' conventionist did early
    arrive before cette dude, egads!

  7. Was it Artis the Spoon Man?


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