Monday, August 18

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  1. You know what's really starting to drive me crazy?

    When Democrats say nice things about John McCain.

    Former President Bill Clinton on Monday praised Senator Barack Obama’s energy policy at the opening of the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

    But Mr. Clinton also lauded Mr. Obama’s rival, Senator John McCain, and said that either candidate would be progressive on the issue of climate change.

    “Obviously, I favor Senator Obama’s energy positions, and Democrats have been by and large the more forward-leaning actors,” Mr. Clinton said. “But John McCain has the best record of any Republican running for president on the energy issue and on climate change.” He added, “I’m very encouraged about where the presidential rhetoric is in this campaign.”

    Okay, for those who are new to this: the point of this game is to win by presenting your side as the only acceptable choice.

    In other words, you don't say, "our guy is good, but their guy isn't bad."

    You say "their guy is bad, and his policies will kill your children."

    This isn't rocket science, people.

    Stop saying nice things about John McCain.


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