Saturday, August 30

Three (blog?) rules I try to live by.

1. The power of away from. If I really dislike what a blog is saying, the tenor of the comments, or the way the blog author dresses (not usually a problem), I just don't read that blog. There is simply not a blog in the entire blogosphere that is an important enough news source that I can't go elsewhere.

When I hear someone complaining about the nastiness and tenor of certain apparent big name blogs, I raise an eyebrow and say "Really? People still read those?" And move on.

2. As a child of the Universe, I have no more or less power than anyone else to be a force for good or for evil. Therefore, I will not instruct any other blogger on how to "frame" Sarah Palin.

3. And finally, Driftglass said rule number three best:


  1. how'd you sneak that photo of me in the tubby?? ; )

  2. We are same paging big time about this issue. Very well said.


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