Friday, August 15

Something to watch in full screen mode.

Metropolis (1925), The Workers.


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Quality always stands the test of time


  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I kind of fancy the knickers and the sweet tie that dangles all the way to that fellow's naughty bits.

    You can tell there was no thought of peak oil in those days. I didn't see a single bicycle in the whole city.

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    What a great fucking movie.

  4. Is that the original score? I saw a version of Metropolis that had sort of a jazz track years ago (NOT the pop score featuring Pat Benatar, etc.) Just wondering.

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    A "nearly complete" copy of Metropolis was allegedly discovered recently in a museum warehouse in Buenos Aires. Even the possibility we will see the whole film is a pure delight.

  6. Metropolis is set in the year 2026, in the extraordinary Gothic skyscrapers of a corporate city-state, the metropolis of the title. Society has been divided into two rigid groups: one of planners or thinkers, who live high above the earth in luxury, and another of workers who live underground toiling to sustain the lives of the privileged.
    The city is run by Johann 'Joh' Fredersen.

    The beautiful and evangelical Maria takes up the cause of the workers. She advises the desperate workers not to start a revolution, and instead wait for the arrival of "The Mediator", who will be the "heart" between the "head" – Fredersen the conceiver of the city – and the "hands" – the people who labor to make it a reality.

    The Mediator, she says, will unite the two halves of society. link

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    The whole thing looks oddly like 2008.


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