Sunday, August 31

It will happen at the same time you get laid at a Mensa Convention, Jonah.

What. The. Fuck.

[Palin]'s said nice things about Hillary. She's dropped the glass ceiling phrase a few times. Good, fine. But enough is enough. She needs to become more of a Margaret Thatcher type.


  1. have these people truly lost their minds? i thought i couldn't get incredulous anymore. i thought wrong.

  2. What Goldberg The Lesser is trying to impute (to his devoted retinue of mouth-breathing fanboys in their matching pyjamas) is the 'clean American version' of the well-known English schoolmarm domme fantasy, with himself as the naughty pupil seeking a spot of tea, two lumps and a bit of aristo spank-spank.

    It's a fascist thang - We wouldn't understand.


  3. And we now know M. Thatcher is demented.

  4. That would only happen if she became British and aged twenty years overnight. This woman is many things, but the next reincarnation of the so-called Iron Lady is not one of them.

  5. My favorite blog title of the weekend, maybe the month, in contention for the year...

  6. I can't bear to watch this fool spout his idiocy but I am happy to imagine that, should Obama win the WH, sleazy morons like this will have no choice but to slink back into oblivion.


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