Saturday, August 2

Blogger gets another chance....

This is the message I was waiting for. From Blogger Buzz:

While we wish that every post on this blog could be about cool features or other Blogger news, sometimes we have to step in and admit a mistake.

We've noticed that a number of users have had their blogs mistakenly marked as spam, and wanted to sound off real quick to let you know that, despite it being Friday afternoon, we are working hard to sort this out. So to those folks who have received an email saying that your blog has been classified as spam and can't post right now, we offer our sincere apologies for the trouble.

We hope to have this resolved shortly, and appreciate your patience as we work through the kinks.

I actually have LOTS of patience for tech types who have to face a problem like this. I've worked helpdesk. If your software fails on me (or in this case, a lot of my friends) and you let us all know you're sorry and working on it, then I'm willing to give you a chance to do that.

I moved the current contents of my blog to Wordpress as a backup to this blog. (good way to do a backup imo). If things here get too difficult I can move. But I actually like the old skool-ness of Blogger (especially since it doesn't crash all the time like it used to).

I hope this is my last tech post for a while. Now to post a Saturday song and spend the rest of the day housecleaning to good music.

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  1. Between Blogger and Sitemeter it was one hell of a weekend!


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