Wednesday, November 9

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for November 9


The most recent "Don't Sugarcoat It Award" goes to Driftglass, for his
post, The Credibility Depression. Driftglass will go on, but he helpfully blockquotes his news sources, so you can skip all that and simply read his most excellent writing. Here's a snippet, but Blue Gal says one bit can't do it justice:

I began this blog in March of 2005.

This was just after George Dubya Bush interrupted another month-long Crawford vacation with Tope the Magic Flagon to mule it back to D.C. with his constitution snippers cached in his rectum at the behest of his Christopath Overlords.

Measured in style points, The Schiavo Mob Action was nothing new; it has always been S.O.P. for the G.O.P. to let the vociferous scum that is their “base” do the Party of Lincoln doggy-style while they dispatch their roves and trolls and henchmen to horse-head anyone that tries to pull the curtain back on their diseased little odium-orgy.

Blue Gal was gonna hat tip Jurassic Pork on this one, but damn, he got Blue Gal on the latest meme trap. Yer supposed to comment on whether the fifth sentence of yer 23rd post is still relevant, then find five other victims bloggers to do the same. The answer is, like all things Blue Gal, extremely relevant:

"Yes! Yes! We all bow to Fafblog! Yes! Yes!"

and the five are...

Weird Wally

Birmingham Blues
Bitch PhD (Love the name and the skin photo, Bitch)
What Do I Know?

Blue Gal not responsible if they've already done it or don't want to.

Oh, and because she asked for it, Blue Gal has been smacked. If you want to comment on the review, do it over there, please.


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    "'Of course, he's against abortion,' 90-year-old Rose Alito said of her son, a Catholic."
    blogenfreude at Agitprop

  2. Aaaawwwww, I lost my hat tip?

    Drifty's been MIA for two days, now and we're all getting fidgety. So, while ya'll are waiting for Drifty to get back, check out my take on the Religious Right and take note of how an argument about a car would sound between a normal person who wouldn't flatline on an EEG and a Christopathic Luddite.

    I just know Uncle Drifty's gonna love this one, since he's a Harlan Ellison fan.

  3. My twenty-third post didn't reach five sentences.

    But yes, The Search for Love in Manhattan is still an excellent blog.

  4. Well, thanks to this I found a typo. For anal-types like me, that's a godsend.

    Here you go.

  5. Birmingham Blues 23:5 "If our legislators had done their jobs in the first place, it would have." That was in the middle of a rant about the Alabama Legislature's need for a special session to pass an operating budget -- a special session that cost the taxpayers $108,000.


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