Sunday, November 27

Meme-ries are made of this.


Sorry, folks, I hate this whole meme thing almost as much as I hate LOL, ROTFLMAO, etc. etc.

But I've never been so flattered as to be tagged by the great Falafel Sex. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Oh wait, I may hafta go down on my knees to do this anyway. The meme goes like this:

1. Go into a Middle Eastern restaurant, and order a falafel to go.
2. Take it home, disrobe, and get into the shower with the falafel.
3. Do unspeakable things.
4. Email Bill O'Reilly and tell him about how his sexual tutelage changed your life. Tell him Falafel Sex sent you.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

As I said to Abby (goddess), I'm afraid it's a little late to be telling Blue Gal about unspeakable things with the falafel. I had so much Catholic guilt over the hate post (and the fact that it was picked up by C&L, deities) that as atonement, well, let's just say it was one party where the panties stayed on, but that kinda made it interesting. LOL! TMI! Nevermind!

Oh, the tags are going to take some thought. (Aw no they won't)

1. My evil twin at Blog de la Resistance.
2. Akabini, you doll baby, take boy in that shower with ya and he owes me a growler.
3. Yep, Another Goddamned Blog (I owe you big time xoxoxo)
4. INTOUS, because why didn't Blue Gal blogroll you earlier, huh?
5. and a recent find, Busy Busy Busy.


  1. I'm just worried B. O'Re. is gonna get turned on by my sex with panties on joke and try to call me. Yuk.

  2. Damn you, BG. I have laundry, knitting, wrangle with landscaper and holiday decorating at the top of my "to do" list, but it will all have to take a backseat to falafel sex.

    Unless I . . . (better stay tuned to threadingwater)

  3. What do you owe me for?

  4. Jurassic, honey, your blogwhoring posts led to lots of hits. Not exactly Crooks and Liars hits, but enough to notice. Plus you were so nice about the congressman letter. So there.

    Thanks again.

    And Greg, honey, whores charge money. Ask Dick Morris. Reading Blue Gal is, and will forever be, no charge to the public. Just one of the many free services I provide. Hope you enjoyed it before you whipped yourself (ooh) afterwards.


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