Monday, November 28

What happened to the RED STATES?

Bushco's approval ratings by state. The more red, the more approving.


Isn't it special that Alabama is a looovely shade of lavender?

Prayer of repentance
required of any reader who thought about moving to Canada twelve months ago.

And for a well-written take (probably stolen from WSJ, but honey, they can afford it) on the whole red state thang, read Daniel Henneger's article on Truman Capote's Dark Visitation. Truman would think that's writing, not just typing.


  1. we are having a federal election in january
    here in canada
    i predict i will become emperor

  2. Prayer of repentance required of any reader who thought about moving to Canada twelve months ago.

    Well, let's make a date to look back on this post 50 or 51 weeks from now. Depending on what we see then, we can decide whether any of us needs to repent.

  3. I do wish my state were the darkest of blues, but it's pretty darn close. And even the state of my birth is a pretty appealing turquoise. Yay!

  4. I predict the gay-bashers will come out in force. How could Alabama be lavender? It must be the queers' fault...

    And I might have to move anyway if Roy Moore is elected Governor in 2006.

  5. Ooh, good article about Capote. I've read all he wrote (being a fan of Southern writing) and the big fat bio as well. I'm going to have to see the movie now.

    But can I say I'm sick of being accused of having no 'values', unlike the so-called 'heartland' (heartless-land, more like!)? I think the heartland could use some good old-fashioned liberal values. I'm tired of being expected to move to the right in order to say I'm a Christian. Jesus' values are liberal values. Tolerance, love, charity - all those horrible nasty things that the godless libruls espouse.

    And while I'm on the subject, who says that family values are conservative? They are neither liberal nor conservative. They are human.

    OK - enough now. Back to my corner...

  6. Regarding da prophet of nazareth...

    This sentiment wins me no friends among my radical anti-christian Unitarian friends, but I do admire Mr. Jesus.

    It's tough for me to say that, I gotta tell ya. Mostly because I associate the amphibian fraud with the uber Calvanism of my religious upbringing. I have a well worn copy of The Age of Reason by Thomas Payne to prove it.

  7. Perfectionism dictates that I correct the mistakes of previous post.

    -Thomas Paine


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