Tuesday, November 29

Happy Birthday, Jon Stewart,
er, and Jesus, too.


God forbid I should sound like Bill O'Reilly. It's just that Christmas this year seems like one big greed festival for people who never think about Jesus even a little bit. I'm not suggesting huge public displays of phoney piety (as B.O'Re is), just less consumerism. Please.

At least one sector of the market has it's eye on the Savior: 46% of American SUV drivers think Jesus would drive one. Yeah. Hey, I'm a believing Christian, and that article scares the bejesus outta me.

Oh, but Jon Stewart knows the reason for the season. Thanks, and happy f-ing birthday yourself, doll baby. xoxoxoxo If you wish him a happy birthday here, let him know that shameless blogwhore Blue Gal sent ya.


  1. Blue Gal, you no blogho, you blogbabe!

  2. Yeah, that would be the same Jesus who turned down riches and earthly power so he could minister to the poor, the sick, and the outcast. If he were here now, I don't think he'd be driving an Expedition.

  3. I find it odd, sometimes scary, that you and I often seem to be on the same wavelength.

    Do you think that there's some innate consciousness that you and I tap into? Or rather, is it a result of the fact that we share similar backgrounds and influences?

    Perhaps a combination of the two?


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