Friday, November 18

Happy Thanksgiving, but...


I suppose the appropriate thing to post here would be a list of ten things I am most grateful for. But they would be the same ten things lots of people are grateful for, namely friends, children, a home, and other blessings of this life.

Instead, I'm gonna end this week with things that just make Blue Gal foam at the mouth.

1. Abu Gahrib. Tis EVIL we are fighting here, folks. We're on, nay, we have been BLESSED WITH a mission to destroy these lying, torturing, self-interested evildoers.

2. Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson. Nuff said.

3. Democrats that won't fight. Ya gonna fight "just a little" for what is right, or wait until the political timing is right to fight evil? Momma didn't raise her boys to be Republicans, but she didn't raise 'em ta be pussies, either! Go Murtha!!! And the rest of you Dems, fight, dammit!

4. Halliburton made over two million dollars today. Profit. They do every day. Even Sundays and holidays. And they're working for you! And the entire administration is working for them! Happy yet?

5. Most Americans spend more time thinking about who gets voted off the island than who is getting tortured on behalf of the United States of America. The producers at CNN think a good substitute for Larry King is Ryan Seacrest interviewing Nicole Richie. (That giant sucking sound is the evaporating brain cells of anyone unfortunate enough to have surfed by that intellectual black hole.) And then there's the blogosphere, abuzz with Madonna's new album. Really. Who gives a f**k.

It explains, however, how the turkey got to run the country.

Have a good week. I'll be back after the holiday.


  1. Oh Yeah!! We GOT HIM NOW!!!! We can impeach for the pres. getting BLOWN BY A WHITE HOUSE INTURKEY on CAMERA!!! :D Great Catch Blue Gal!!

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Bush approval rating at 35%, turkey's at 51% ... time for a peaceful transition of power.

  3. Would you understand if I said, it just makes me want to cry? Because sometimes, it does.

  4. Madonna has a new album?


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