Friday, December 8

Did you vote today?

Just click on the panties, ma hunnies.

This post will remain the top post until the end of voting.

I've been checking out the other nominated blogs as I can. One really can't second guess the judge(s), but it seems to me the criteria for finalists is they post regularly, know pretty much how to spell, and have enough html under their belts to get by. That makes the nominees a nice buncha bloggers, and on the whole worth a visit.

Certain of BG's competition has suggested a sense of urgency in voting against "Leftyblogs":

I'm within striking distance of #1 and #2.....who are both LeftyBlogs!! To paraphrase, "The Left triumphs only when the good people do nothing!"

I don't know anything about good people doing nothing. I've never met a good person who did nothing. But I digress. Just allow me to say that if you are checking out Blue Gal for the first time because she is a finalist for a Weblog award, welcome. This is definitely an unapologetic Leftyblog...and probably the only finalist who encourages you to click on a pair of panties to access the ballot.

Please also give these FOBG's your consideration. And thank you.

Best New Blog - Konagod
Best Liberal Blog - Shakespeare's Sister, Jesus' General, or Bring It On! [my vote in this category is so secret, I don't even know who I'm voting for.]
Best Video Blog - Crooks and Liars
Best Humor Blog - Sadly, No!
Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs - Last Left Turn Before Hooterville


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Voted. And you'll never guess for whom...

    Good luck. We're rooting for you here.

  2. Please. As if I know how to spell...


    And as the other "lefty blog" that CDR is worried about, I think it'd be great to go 1-2.

  3. You got my vote.

    Remember, vote often!

  4. panties click panties click panties click

    My life is doing what women tell me to do.

    It only took my wife 10 years to train me.

    Panties click panties click

  5. Anonymous9:07 PM

    VOTE or be flogged!

  6. I voted for Blue Gal and the FOBGs.

    Having kissed the gunner's daughter, a vote was cast for the write-in candidate, Cap'n Dyke.

    Love on ya!

  7. Got ya on speed-vote, my sista! You're rockin'! I'm not quite as persuasive as you are...

  8. Me dear lady,

    Ohhhhh, I was just playing. Trying to be cheeky, and you just have lost all the hint of a playful sense of humor.

    Mmmmm. Now, if I am supposed to take this all serious like and meet the low standard that you seem to hold me ..... Perhaps it is time to go negative!!! I will have to ponder that. Oh, I forgot - I must have to "pray on that." Maybe Monday I will pen a love letter. Mmmmm.

  9. Phibian (great name) you don't fool me, you're just here for the panties.

    Go negative like that Harold Ford ad: "I met Salamander at a Technorati Whore Convention. Call me, Phibian!"

    But seriously, thanks for stopping by and having a sense of humor about it all. It's just an awards show. We're both here for the arm candy, the goodie bags, and the after-parties.

  10. Blue Gal - If I keep voting for you, does it mean I have to move to Chicago?

    Best regards (and best wishes),


  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Well, you know us Sailors.

    At least you wear / support panties and/or the concept.

    The rash of bare-naked-commandos as of late has been very disturbing.

    There, "bare naked commandos" should help the technorati / google hobby..

  13. My vote just tied you for first (159). Somebody else, vote quick!

  14. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I voted for the blue gal!

    As an idle aside... I visited the CDR website... and was wondering.... Why do all righty/conservative blogs and websites look so half-assed?

  15. Now, now, Tomkitty, thanks for the vote and let's leave the competition be.

    I cannot criticize the look of any blog as I do not have the time or creativity to break free from the blogger template.

    But it works for me.

  16. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Your right ma'am. I have no right to criticize. my blog is simple as kept compared to my professional sites, so i'll leave it be. :)

  17. tomkitty,

    Hey! I will have you know that I am well known as a COMPLETE-a55.

    Style. Substance. Whatever.

    Hey, some us have a job (even if it is off of other people's taxes).


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