Saturday, December 16

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for December 16

Something tells me if you haven't ordered your Christmas cards by now, you probably aren't the Christmas card type. But if you're the kind who orders theirs for next year (nut) you can get these lovelies here.

Today's Don't Sugarcoat It award goes to Tengrain at Mock, Paper Scissors, for his lovely eulogy for Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Tengrain is one of the more talented bloggers out there: great writing, terrific commenting here and elsewhere, and web design that just knocks me for a loop every time.

As you may remember, the Don't Sugarcoat It award is reserved for individual bloggers who tell it like it is. If we could give one to a MSM kinda person, I would choose The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg on a regular basis. Here's a comment, overstating the obvious, but still, from the December 4 issue:

According to the “Backwards Bush” countdown clock, available on the Web and in key-chain and desk-accessory form at selected novelty and toy stores around the nation, the sitting Administration in Washington will, as of this writing, be in office for another seven hundred and eighty-nine days, five hours, twenty-three minutes, and 36.2 seconds. But, if present trends continue, it’s going to feel like forever.

From Tengrain, too.


  1. Gosh, Blue Gal, I'm blushing, sugar always does that to me.

    Regards (and thanks!)


  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I find many of the post on Mock Paper Scissors unrespectfullike of the President.

    Also, I understand the blog is under surveillance by Fox security.

    My advice is stay away from "Grain"
    he's a bad'un.

  3. Hey there, Mr. DeBakey. Too bad FOX News doesn't have a branch investigation office in Edmonton, Alberta. Or do they?

    Rupert. Is that you?


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