Wednesday, March 19

The Closer

(Tears flow down the face of one Marty Nesbit as he watches Obama's speech. From USAToday.)

After yesterday, no more 'he's my fourth choice for President'. Thanks to the anonymous (coward) commenter at Drifty's who pointed us to this tune:

I'm also joining those blogging against the five year old war today. Bush and Cheney baked a goddamn cake it seems.

No, they're brownies. Heckuva job, get it?

Our Preznit says the Iraq War was worth it, and Vice, who clearly has no conscience left if ever, linked Iraq to 9/11 yesterday. And said the economy is going through a rough patch. And went fishing. Not making that up.

I shake my head in shame and go back to watch The. Speech. again.

We'll get out of this somehow, ma hunnies. Love more for every hate, and fear no ill. See if you can find a peace rally to attend tonight in your community. They're out there, and they need you.


  1. i couldnt watch him without thinking -- why arent jenna and not-jenna there

    we can never do enough to make up for this tragedy...

  2. As for the speech - made this 40 year old guy verklempt.

    He was my next to last choice (before Clinton.) Now I can't believe I ever thought he was a lightweight.

    I'm seeing him at a rally on Friday. Woohoo!

  3. Fishing on a yacht, how Cheney of him.

    Thanks for the song, it helps take the lump out of my throat today.

    Keep it up BG!

  4. sometimes all we have is hope.

    we can do it if we want to bad enough.

    that's hope and it'll do

  5. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Need a memory jog: does anyone remember seeing a post late last week about Ferraro's words being the same as those Obama once said about himself? If you do and remember where you saw it, can you e-mail me at


  6. Yes, anon: it happened in your own mind. Check there.

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    After seven years of violence and despair, some hope (coupled with action) is sounding pretty good, no?

  8. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Love all the thoughts, I'm for Obama, dawg help us all as we sink into the oblivion of the 1%.

    But please.

    Love The One Yer With, was old when I was young, it's blase, it's boring music, and it's been done to death like Stairway To Heaven, Freebird, and Ramblin Man.


    The damned song is NOT relevant to today, it's not a political piece like For What It's Worth or a HUNDRED OF OTHER MEANINGFUL songs of our protest generation 3 decades ago!!!!

    Please. Can we get some meaningful protest songs back?

    Woody Guthrie wrote about 1,000 of them. His fuckin guitar still has 'This Machine Kills Facists' on it.

    Can we get some protest songs about the PEOPLE?

    GIMME An F!!!!

    Gimme some Joe McDonald.

    Gimme some Electric Flag.

    Gimme some Jefferson Airplane.

    Gimme ANY 60's/70's SF Bay Area protest music.

    Gimme something, but for DAWG'S fuckin sake, don't give me pure pop schmaltz to ignite a revolution. It's just not right.

    Hell, heres a link to a cd all y'all best buy and support, or yer facists, dammit:



  9. So, Larue, you don't want me to post Janis Joplin belting out Get it while ya can? are you sure?

  10. i do! i love that song no matter who might sing it and she sang the hell out of it.

    oh, and happy birthday to mr. rogers who would have been 80 today.

    we could use a little of his love today.

  11. Yes! We want Janis!


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