Monday, March 31

Happy Blogiversary...

To one of the best writers on the internet.

Sure, those panties are funny, but let me tell you specifically about a time when my relationship with the knighted** blogger Sir Driftglass took a decided turn.

**Knighted by Lord Gilliard, 2005.

On the comment thread of his post of May 24, 2007, this exchange took place between myself and another of Drifty's millions of female fans:

I have to admit regarding this so-called "Andrea", her name missing the little Blogspot 'B' or any link at her name that indicated she was, well, anybody, my initial reaction was, as Mom would say, not very nice:

But then I did what I always do when I smell a catfight where I might be one of the cats.

I curtsied low, face to my knee, and withdrew.


I withdrew.

First-in-line-Andrea probably jumped his bones.

But I at that very moment chose the greater good, to being in my own mind regarding Driftglass a colleague rather than a groupie.

And truly, there is not another blogger out there who has inspired me more as a writer. I read his every single post and feel honored to do so.

I'm going to close this Hallmark card with a couple of quotes I stole from his comment threads. One thing Driftglass and I do have in common is amazing readers who often challenge us as much as he does.

a "talented, tall, hungry wolf of a writer"

You are so clear about what is terribly wrong, and you are so clear about what must be done to change things and, at the same time, you are so clear about remaining sane in the face of global insanity.

Brilliant Prose, Drift, worth spreading everywhere; but if it were, there would be four hundred friggin' comments here by now. I like it like this. . . like the best little restaurant you've ever discovered, and it's always just a few regulars scattered around, munching the good stuff.

none so amazing as Sir Driftglass who honors Blogtopia with his presence.

As one blog put it,

Every once in a while, a string of words is crafted so well, so elegantly, that they put the finest strand of pearls to shame. Driftglass, for example, tosses such miracles around like Rockefeller dispensed dimes to urchins.

Happy third, Sir Drifty, and many many more to come. (And to my readers, please leave your accolades and congratulations over there. Tell him Andrea sent you.)