Friday, March 14

Thank you. (and a message to Driftglass and his readership.)

The blogosphere is an amazing place. Thank you to everyone who has kicked in ten bucks, sometimes more, and then even moreso has left messages like

"We need your voice, your humor, and your intelligence out here. Keep up the good work."


And now about Sir 'Glass and his amazing readership
. He would delete this if I posted it as a comment at his place, so here it is, my friend, where you can't get at it:

The blogoversary party for that gentleman is March 31. I'm organizing it, so you kinda know what that means. Ahem. And you won't be needing no five thousand dollar hookers, my friend. I'm assigning line numbers for the ladies, kinda like on Southwest Airlines. The single malt at the open bar is only the good stuff, and the "intelligence is an aphrodisiac mansion" bumper pool/science fiction fishbowl in the basement starts at 10 pm on the dot.

Should be quite a party. xoxo

Update: Don't get me started about Mike at the blog roundup.


  1. How I wish I could attend.

  2. The Trinity pic is awesome!

    And hey, how about that Mike?

    Some day, perhaps I'll make gobs of money and help subsize some blogging, a journal, etc. It'd be cool to have more stuff like that to counteract all the conservative think tanks.

  3. The Trinity pic is the first image Driftglass ever posted, on March 31, 2005. That's why I used it.

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    BG, you are a wonderful person, and loved by many!


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