Wednesday, March 5

Knitting Dr. Seuss?

Will you? Will you? In trinity stitch?
Will you Will you? Just to bitch?

I will not knit in trinity stitch. (not "fake" trinity stitch, either)
I will not knit it just to bitch.

Will you? Will you? It's on sale!
Will you Will you? The Holy Grail!

I will not knit it if on sale.
I will not knit your Holy Grail.

I will not knit the Star Wars cap.
I will not knit such silly crap.

Will you knit to please your lover?
Will you knit his Ipod cover?
Will you knit something Doctor Who?
And will you post it if you do?
It's not like we're asking for Star Trek.
Oh please, Blue Gal, knit an evil Dalek?

I will not knit to please my lover.
I will not knit his Ipod cover.
I will not knit something Doctor Who.
So I shall not post it when I do.
Don't you dare say "knit Star Trek."
And I will not knit an evil Dalek.

Even though I have the yarn.

PS. Even if I did not believe in the curse of the boyfriend sweater, I will never knit a sweater with a hand-knit cord channel along the shoulder that supports and contains the Ipod wires to run up his arm to his ears, along with several other knit pockets for his Blackberry and other penis extensions, either. So fuck you, Knitter's Magazine.

This post is dedicated to my friends at Madrona. So sorry I had to miss it this year. xxx


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Ach, und mit links, yet!

    You say it the way no one can...
    I knew you when.

    We missed ya, BG.

    (But ThreadingWater did us all proud with her Mother's Day Project talk on Thursday. What a speaker.)

  2. Ack! I love the knit Daleks!

  3. Nice work, you sassy poetess.

    I too, used to laugh at the boyfriend sweater curse. Used to, that is, until I became the lucky owner of a passed along boyfriend sweater knit by some former Danish girlfriend. It is the perfect final layer for my snow shoveling ensemble and I thank the damsel profusely each time I toss it on.

  4. does dr seuss do socks?


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