Thursday, March 13

It's a wonderful life

I do this so reluctantly. I'm taking the title and the text from this post and out-and-out stealing it from Digby, who so often says what we all want to say better than we could say it. She said it at Christmas but remove the "stocking stuffer" part and it still holds true.

I greatly value the freedom and independence that voluntary direct support from readers offers. It's an unusual model, but it works quite well for some, including me. So, if you like what I'm doing here, and if you have your credit cards out doing some last minute online shopping today, perhaps you could send a little stocking stuffer my way...

I've been told by friends that I should have done this a long time ago. But today I've had one of those mornings where, while it's sunny and in the 70's in Alabama, I feel as if I'm standing on George Bailey's cold bridge praying, "show me the way."

One thing that's kind of ironic is that I've always used every single dime in my paypal account to support other bloggers, you know, the Clarences who fell in the icy water first in order to "save me."

(If you hate paypal for some reason and still want to contribute email me at the address on the sidebar for snail mail.)

Those of you who know me personally know some of my situation, those of you who read this blog (thank you, thank you) know what it is worth to you. I appreciate how you value me, no matter whether you can contribute something or not. Thank you.