Thursday, April 22

Book Report - What are you reading this summer?

Not. This. One. I just got a whiff from Will Bunch:

An early hint may come in June, when Beck publishes his book The Overton Window, which he described as "a story of America in a time much like today where the people are confused," with a government in crisis and the rise of a citizens' group called the Founders Keepers, which "leads to a battle and a civil war, and life is upside-down planetwide."

A Glenn Beck book where "people are confused"? Oh who am I kidding?!? I can't fucking wait for this book to come out, and I'm saving the above graphic to post at larger sites (apparently Huffpo isn't doing any contest after all? Pity.) I actually may have to get some audio clips of "read by the author" for a movie mashup. And you know the General's review will be worth the wait.

I was so disappointed to read about the new release of one of my favorite authors, Justin Cronin. His books The Summer Guest and Mary and O'Neill are lovely, just lovely. The Summer Guest is definitely great American novel material and Blue Gal highly recommended.

Now he's come out with an 800 page dystopian novel about...vampires. Sigh. Also before it was a novel it was the subject of a movie rights bidding war. Well of course it was. I'm delighted that the author of two lovely little books gets almost two million bucks out of his career, but at that cost it makes me weep.

I'd love to hear what's on your bookshelf for the summer.


  1. Is it my imagination or does Becks book sound like a remake of "The Turner Diaries"?

  2. I've heard everything from Ayn Rand to a reverse-cowgirl "Shock Doctrine" to Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale. Whatever the plot, I think we can safely stick our noses up at the English Department wine and cheese party and sniff that it's "derivative." LOL.

  3. I wonder who the actual author of Beck's book is? Here's hoping the ghost managed to collect a hefty fee up front for writing what sounds like a truly hackneyed rehash of a bad (not that there were ever any good ones) L. Ron Hubbard novel.

  4. The "Founders Keepers"? Will they be defeated by the "Losers Weepers"?

    As for my summer reading, the list grows by the day...

  5. ... and there isn't one single vampire book on it.

  6. Oh, BlueGal. Now I have to go and share ANOTHER one of your graphics with my acquaintances at Dailykos. Look at what you made me do.

  7. I can see his hemhorroid surgery scars. I pray to Jezuz much pain was involved.

  8. Ha! Great take on the man-child and what I'm sure will turn out to be his most riveting fiction to date! Wonder if he and his ass will ever venture into the non-fiction arena?

  9. Anonymous7:28 PM

    If you haven't read "Life of Pi" yet- do it. Lovely book.


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