Monday, April 12

Salon Tonight 9 Eastern, but not before....

A new, Hugh Laurie-directed episode of House, MD.

I don't squeee, but if I did...

Salon is here, see you at 9 Eastern. A reminder you do NOT need a webcam, microphone, or anything but a keyboard and internet access to participate, and no email registration is needed. Easy. xoxo


  1. That's Rachel time for me. I'm pretty much religious about her. I may tape her tonight, or watch her later. I'm timid you know.

  2. well,my faith in house (the character) never fails, and there was nothing wrong w/laurie's debut as a director, but i'm bound to say this was a terrible script. all those coincidental reflective self-examining plot-lines. maybe they couldn't con anyone else into taking it on? oh well, even shakespeare floundered now and again.

  3. I think part of what they're doing on House MD this season is giving everyone a chance to play, including some "newish" script writers. Each character is getting an episode devoted to them as well. This one had, as I recall, four separate writers. Always a bad sign.


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