Friday, April 9

Driftglass and Blue Gal's Friday Podcast

The full 74 minute unedited director's tape is also available at the Podcast Website.

Our very special guest Arvan is at Sex Gender Body. Thank you so much Arvan for being on the show!

Monk's blog, mentioned in the podcast, is here. His bondage rope color of the month is...oh. Sold out. Nevermind.

Thanks to Darkblack for our new logo!

We just paid our podcast bill for the next 30 days. Thank you to those who contribute five bucks into the hat. You pay for this, and it's so appreciated.


  1. StonyPillow12:16 PM

    Listened to both this morning. Really remarkable editing and post-production effort.

  2. Being on that show was more fun than two dogs humpin'!

    Thanks so much for inviting me along to be the guinea pig. There may be others in the future, but I was your first three-way!


  3. Have you seen the doc This Film is Not Yet Rated um, yet? As you might expect, in America, sex is rated more harshly than violence, and gay sex (and women enjoying sex, and/or as a solo act) is rated more harshly than straight sex.


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