Friday, April 2

What I REALLY think about sex clubs and the GOP. (VIDEO)


  1. I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this-- like they were doing research on the bondage themed, lesbian sex imitating demographic.

    Or conducting a Census survey.

    Something official.....

  2. The somewhat subjectively foot-shootin' irony of it all is that if these people weren't so devotedly phony in their presentation of self (putting forth a piously patriarchal public posture whilst privately pursuing their prurient pleasures, brought to you by the letter P) - I, and I suspect many like myself couldn't care less what they do as long as children, animals, and the non-consenting are off limits.
    However, because they have chosen to pander to a minority base bound and doggedly determined to castigate and marginalize millions of people whose personal lives need not be any business of anyone, especially a busybodied bluenose - here we are.

    And here we will stay - firmly focused on what they would implore us to ignore, not out of some misguided voyeuristic interest - but because hypocrites like this simply can't be trusted by those who seek the light of truth in their lives.


  3. I have no problem with sex clubs. It's the hypocrisy that bothers me.


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