Tuesday, September 6

Apparently, the "you can't pray at a football game" omgomgomg email is going around again.

My reply is below, as in, Reply All. And honestly, I don't mind not being on these email lists if people want to take me off. But don't wave this stuff in my email box if you don't want me to reply all, because I have a FIRM POLICY of doing so.  This is being forwarded to people from church groups of which I am a part.

It's not illegal to pray at a football game. If the teams playing are at public, taxpayer funded schools, the ruling is that the Principal cannot MAKE students and players say a prayer, or use the public address system to announce prayers to the public school function. Public announcements of religion at these events is Satan's trick to get people to be lazy about their own piety and lack of repentance. Hey, if we're all praying in public, then my own sins are covered. Satan tricks people into thinking if public figures blab about Jesus, we as a nation are all set and don't have to look within at the evil in our own individual thinking. Satan's mission accomplished. 

 Taking it the other direction, football is such a religion in Alabama that students at the private Baptist institution Samford University can get convocation credit (religious service attendance) for ATTENDING a FOOTBALL GAME. Even if there is a prayer at the beginning, what a joke. 

 My own sins keep me busy 24/7/365. I'm either doing them or repenting them, and I pray the good outweighs the bad. But I won't be comforted one bit by anyone in a public office, from a school principal to a presidential candidate, giving lip service to Jesus Christ. They can't bring me closer to God than I already am, but they sure can distract me into thinking that by proxy, I don't have to worry about my relationship with my Lord and Creator. Get thee behind me, Satan!



  1. Touchdown Jesus haz a sad


  2. I never get any dumbshit forwarded e-mails like those. I must not correspond with the right people. But I am not a well-known, or semi-well-known, blogger. You are more polite than I would be if I got something so dickwaddish. I would reply with a screed using words such as "fuckwit" a lot. Because anyone who's stupid enough to send me something like that, well, I don't want their acquaintance anymore anyway.

  3. Bukko I don't mind at ALL having conservative friends and acquaintances. But as one correspondent said to me, "I have gotten to the point where I call bullsh*t WHEN IT IS FLUNG, especially by the righteous." If people are upset by my email responses to these things, they can always remove me from their list with no offense taken.

  4. You must know a better class of conservatives!

    Working as a hospital nurse, I meet a lot of people, and I get into politics if we're chatting more than just superficially. (When it's appropriate, of course -- I don't discuss current events if it's a crisis atmosphere like when somebody's actively dying.) In Australia and Canada, I've come across a few intelligent conservatives. (Conservative by their standards -- none of 'em want to abolish government-run health care, that's fer damn sher, because that's what's keeping them alive.)

    Most of them had an intellectual or philosophical basis for their conservatism, and they could defend their positions in a discussion. I don't get argumentative, because I'm in a service role on the job. But I do ask questions to draw them out about their viewpoints. Ditto for our banker guys in Switzerland -- economically right-wing (although socially liberal) but they can explain why they stand for this or that on government spending, military intervention, etc.

    Surprisingly to me, many of the Chinese and Vietnamese here in Vancouver are conservative for economic reasons. The Conservative Party here has not gone the racist/nativist route that the Repukes have in the U.S. And if you want to talk to someone who's anti-Muslim, ask a Sikh. I work with two guys who were in the Indian and Singaporean armies respectively, and they're positively bloodthirsty.

    I don't agree with these people, but I respect them for being able to mount rational justifications for their stands.

    But Jayzus K. Riced -- the American "conservatives" who I know are so farking stoopit! Most of them are my relatives, BTW. The non-kin folks we stay in touch with back in the U.S. are mostly my wife's Deadhead friends in California.

    My relatives are the sort of head-up-their-ass religious whackjobs who get satirized on Jesus's General. It's not hard for me to write outrageous silliness there because I just have to channel my holy roller farmer's wife Aunt Jean or my Fux-watching mother.

    When I press them, and point out the contradictions in their positions, they're left sputtering. Not an intellectual leg to stand on. Pretty much everyone in my wife's family isn't talking to her any more, because she's more strident in her left-wingishness. (I lean toward the snarky and sarcastic instead of self-righteous.)

    What it boils down to is that American "conservatives" (I put it in quotes because they're really regressives or revanchists) have no idea why they believe what they believe. They get irate when their illogic is exposed. I'd love to meet a U.S. con who had half a brain, but I don't think that many exist.

  5. Love this so much I borrowed it with proper credit shown! Thanks!


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