Wednesday, September 14

The GOP Debate I'd Like to See....

With all "due" respect to Wolf Blitzer, I'd like the next GOP debate to be hosted by Bridal Bling Blue Gal (TM) and Kathy Griffin.

BBBG:  Welcome to tonight's debate.  I'd like to start by picking up an issue from the last debate, the 30 year old uninsured guy in a coma who the tea party audience wants dead.

Kathy Griffin:  I take it his last name isn't "Schiavo."

BBBG:   Right.  What if an uninsured 30-year-old  accidentally fell off a bridge when, in an incident no one could have foreseen, the bridge in a Republican district collapsed underneath him because the Republican Congressional Delegation had cut taxes for billionaires so much, that no one could afford to maintain an existing bridge?

Kathy Griffin:  I think the Congressional delegation was so busy de-funding Planned Parenthood they didn't notice the bridge was broken.

BBBG:  But what if the uninsured 30-year-old's parents were Roman Catholic culture-of-life types and had purchased several hundred copies of Callista Gingrich's Pope Video?

Kathy Griffin:  Or what if the guy himself was a dominionist who didn't have money for health insurance because he gave it all to Pray Away The Gay Ministries?

BBBG:  Or what if this bridge collapsed AFTER the repeal of Obamacare, and he didn't have insurance because the insurance company cancelled his coverage due to the pre-existing condition of...


BBBG:  We'll just have to put an asterisk next to the repeal of Obamacare, so Republican Donor pro-life Catholic Anti-Gay Ministry types won't have to pay.

Kathy Griffin:  They never do.

BBBG:  We'll be back after the break, when Kathy and I will ask the candidates about balanced budgets and bringing more freedom to Wall Street.


  1. Ya know, Kathy Griffin would make an hilarious moderator. You too.

    Great material. Frighteningly close to the truth but great.

  2. Very funny and spot on.

  3. You mean that wasn't Kathy Griffin with you?

    Fooled me.




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