Friday, September 30

Our Weekly Podcast - The Professional Left Ep 95

Links for this episode:

Frank Rich channels Driftglass.
Paul Krugman channels Driftglass. 
Greg Sargent at Wapo channels Driftglass.
Jay Rosen channels Driftglass. 
“SPENT” game from Urban Ministries of Durham.
Bachmann warns of Hezbollah missile sites in Cuba.

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  1. First time listener; great blue meat for the lefteous indignant among us!

    Excellent analysis of the "faceless" middle. I love how you've written off the neo-right because they're just lost. They really redefine a new level of cognitive dissonance.

    Why, though, is the apocryphal nonsense allowed to continue? Fox, sure, but Blue Gal nailed it: *low information voters.* They can't handle the complexity, and frankly, they don't have the tools today, intellectually; it's work to deal with this stuff. It's confusing and hard to follow, and bullet points are, well, *easy* to follow.

    But hey, re: Cain, c'mon: the likelihood of the republicans selecting a black man is about as probable as Michele Bachmann speaking at an LGBT rally or Ricky Perry buying a Prius. Ain't gonna happen. Still a two person, white guy race. And soon to be a three-person white guy race.

    re: using videogame platforms for communicating: love it. I remember a few years ago there was this great Red vs. Blue Team video where they had all these basic human interactions and conversations, just hanging out with heavy weaponry and shields and such. One person yelled out: "I voted for Nader! I hate everyone!"

    re: poor, yes: poor because they're inherently defective. It's neo-eugenics (which, ironically enough, had a stronghold here in Vermont!)

    BTW 1: Alta Vista--love it! I once wrote an article: "Which Should you use? MSN? CompuServe? AOL?" Thanks for that. Good luck on job front. Cheers.

    BTW 2: Is there a way to use all these liberal blogs to drive a consistent, repeat-the-point-for-easy consumption narrative?


  2. Thanks groobiecat! No there is no way to herd bloggers -- sometimes we do a blogswarm, but I think FB has taken over in that regard, too. Thanks again for the kind words.

  3. Hi, Groobiecat!

    First time listener?!? Oh, I so envy you. I still remember when I first discovered DG and BG, back in January of 2011. I listen to a lot of podcasts and other political news, but there is just *nothing* like these two. Over the course of the next few months I went through their entire archive and listened to every episode. I just wish I could channel them more effectively when I'm debating real life wingnuts. :-D


    Sorry to hear about your job, Driftglass. Hope you can find something else soon.

  4. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I have a radical suggestion for your upcoming 100th podcast:

    Keep doing exactly what you're doing. It's SO empowering to hear you saying out loud what the rest of us are thinking, and it gives us a substantive "green light" to be more public with our Leftie thoughts. After all, if the professionals agree with us, how could we be wrong? ;)


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