Friday, May 25

Aw jeez.

Al Gore's on a diet?

Well so is Blue Gal but nobody's yellin' "run Blue Gal run" as if anyone would ever ACCUSE me of running for public office. So I'd get to start out at the top as a Democratic defense contractor whore congressman from Alabama? I'm the wrong color, ma hunnies. Besides, upper middle class white girls around here have a four-step career track: pre-school teacher, wife and mother, real estate agent, retired bathroom re-decorator**. That's the track, don't get off it.

**My apologies to anyone who actually does decorate their bathroom. I have gone so far as to frame a Roz Chast cartoon and hang it above the toilet. But that's pretty much it, except of course for the Jean Schmidt toilet seat.


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  2. Oscar-winning film...

    Best-selling book...

    NEW book on corruption in politics...

    Now he's on a diet...

    You don't think... maybe... ???


  3. I have the Jean Schmidt target in my toilet bowl.

    And word to Al...if he's gonna become the next Slim Fast spokesman, he better write a will in case there are any unclaimed Lil' Als runnin' around.

  4. That picture is in the wrong place, and would have me missing the bowl every time.

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    If Jean Schmidt were looking up at me from the toilet bowl, I think I might get pee shy. Those teeth...



  6. Anonymous10:38 PM

    How about Al Gore as Secretary of the Interior, or Secretary of State? He's seeming very, um, versatile these days.

  7. In response to your statement, "nobody's yellin' 'Run Blue Gal, Run!'" I can only respond "Run Blue Gal, Run!" I think what this country needs is a Blue Gal president with the good sense to make her message known via delicate intimate apparel. It certainly would perk up those stuffy old SOTUs. Blue Gal in '08!

    If you won't run, Blue Gal, then I say Pelosi in '07! Or barring that, Al Gore in '08!

  8. PELOSI?

    In case no one notices, Nancy and Harry SOLD US ALL OUT the other day. I, for one, have lost a huge amount of respect for her.

    Now, maybe Barbara Boxer on the other hand...

    Gore/Boxer 08, anyone?

  9. i like al a lot better since he's been eating!

    fat and sassy! that's how i like em! ; )

  10. *noticed*

    Sorry: ranting got ahead of my typing.

  11. I'll echo that...

    Run, Blue Gal, run!

  12. I'm working on dropping some pounds myself, so I wish Al the best of luck on that front.

    And...Mean Jean toilet seat? How about Mean Jean toilet paper?


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