Monday, August 11

Memo to Howard Wolfson

Thank you for your kind and intelligent comments. It's sad to think that if only John Edwards had been honest about his philandering (holy shit tell me Wolfson DIDN'T SAY THAT), America could have Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

Howard, did you personally approve the

"Bill can't have any onion rings" advertisement?

The Celine Dion campaign song?

The "any nuclear option is not off the table" and "obliterate Iran" statements?

Hill-ar-ee for you and mee "Up With People" events?

The nefarious 3AM phone call ad?

"Shame on you, Barack Obama"?

You know, Howard, I like the way you think. If I was 22 instead of 45, if I didn't have 'I done birthed three babies' hips, and if I shaved 34 points off my IQ, I would be Miss Universe.

And I would also be from Venezuela.


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    In twenty-three years, there's no telling what will be going on with her hips. No telling if she will be able to add 34 points to her IQ, but I doubt it.

    In twenty-three years, she'll be lucky to look like you, and Wolfson will still be a dope.

  2. When the memoirs and in-depth studies of why Hillary failed to secure the 2008 Nomination are tallied, I can be pretty sure that John Edwards' mere presence in the race won't be one of them.

  3. You are Blue Gal, and we love you.

  4. Anonymous8:10 PM

    He's just spinning to protect his future client base. Notice that he hasn't trashed Hill....potential clients wouldn't like that. That said, let's see what he has to say after the campaign's internal memos are released. You may want to start popping some corn now.

  5. what a lying jerk he is. it's not like all of this happened 50 years ago or even 1 year ago. i would hope that most of us have better retention capablities than he gives us credit for.

  6. He is a turd. Nothing more, nothing less...

  7. I recently saw a pig fly. No wait, it was just Air Force One.

  8. It's possible, and given their love of sex scandals I find it amazing that MSM didn't run with this one. They certainly don't seem interested in talking about issues.



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