Tuesday, August 12

A voice you might recognize...

I'm not a big fan of Ralph Nader these days, but I think the political parties running and controlling access to the Presidential Debates is bullshit.

BTW, you might recognize the voiceover for the League of Women Voters rep at 1:24. :)

I also think Manila Ryce gets sexier with each passing month. I understand his current project, besides getting physically harassed by Convention Security on behalf of Nader, is attaining permissions from cute Baby Mamas to populate greater Los Angeles with his handsome spawn. Kudos!

[It's a good video with an important message about democracy-small-d, too. Thanks for making it, hon. xxx]


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    'Morning BG,
    Thanks for the vid and turn on to the Largest Minority site. . . also James Morrow... I am tryin' to keep up!

  2. Thanks babe, for the post and the audio. It's ashame you don't live in LA or you could be the president of my baby mama fan club. Maybe I'll send you a sample in the mail so you can start a chapter in your neck of the woods.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I still remember Nader costing Gore Florida. Nader told us that both parties are corrupt so cast a protest vote for him. So what did we get; the most corrupt administration in US history that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, make torture OK, destroyed the middle class and spit on the US constitution.

    Sorry if I don't fee warm and cozy about including the worlds biggest narcissist in the upcoming debates. We can be inclusive once we have taken our country back.
    Fuck Nader and the ego he rode in on.


  4. just because you aren't going to vote for nader doesn't mean that he shouldn't be included- or did you not watch the video? the point of the video was to make people aware that they are being used as tools. the system being the way it is- is what cost gore his votes in 2000. i am not voting for ralph nader because i did not like the fact that he took right wing monies last go round- but that doesn't mean that he should be excluded from the debate. bob barr should be there- cynthia mckinney should be there. ron paul should be there too- and probably would have been if third party candidates weren't excluded. it is damned difficult to even get on the ballot for president in most states-- unless you are part of the 2 major parties. your vote is your own. debates should be free and independent. the system maintaining status quo isn't going to make this country move in a different direction. if obama is moving towards the corporates- and all indicators point to that- what exactly do you expect to change?

    thanks blue gal for the video- i will post it at my place and at the sirens chronicles.

  5. to clarify my comment- i am responding to anonymous' comment. i meant no confusion to blue gal or any other commenters. sorry.

  6. Yet another reason why we need a Parliamentary system of government.

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM

    comrade Kevin: If only. The ability to bring a government to an end when it needs to be held accountable is enough of a reason. Sadly, I doubt it will happen in our lifetimes, but unless Obama is a closet progressive I have a feeling that the growing dissatisfaction with both parties will continue and maybe we can foist something onto the process. One can hope.

  8. Anonymous11:29 PM


    So we add Nader to the debates and what do you think the Repubs will do? They will create sock puppet groups to support Nader and draw votes from Obama.

    The Repugs love when the Dems shoot themselves in the foot on the basis of fair play. We are not fighting the Boy Scouts, they cheat, lie and do anyting to win.

    Do you want to stand on princple or talk back the goverment?


  9. "The Repugs love when the Dems shoot themselves in the foot on the basis of fair play. We are not fighting the Boy Scouts, they cheat, lie and do anyting to win."

    Ah, so liberals must cheat and lie to win as well. So why would I want to put a party in office that has become the very enemy it's trying to defeat by adopting their tactics? Isn't that George Bush's same logic for fighting terror, that things like due process and geneva conventions must be ignored because this is a special case? You make your case for fascism as a Democrat and then wonder why Nader says there's little difference between your party and the Republicans.

  10. there comes a point in life when you have to take a stand for what is right- not what is easy. what is the point of having a constitution if we don't use it? if i am hearing you correctly, we shouldn't allow people to express their ideas- or even let them run- because someone might actually vote for them. i harbor no illusions that ralph nader will win anything- and i am sure he doesn't either. but his ideas and his viewpoint is sound on many key issues. he is out there saying what obama should be saying- and in my mind, you need to have people actually voicing the truth- the truth that many inherently know but avoid until it's out in the light of day.

    holding a debate- a real debate- is free. who you cast your vote for is your decision. the republicans don't need nader or barr or mckinney to be underhanded and corrupt- they have already been caught purging voter rolls in some states and tampering with votes in others. that's how gore lost in florida. voters arrived to find they weren't registered and thousands of votes weren't counted or simply vanished. this election is largely symbolic anyway- and it may be cynical to say but i don't see anything changing dramatically anytime soon. you can change the person in the white house- but the pelosis and reids and conyers will still be there fighting against the wexlers and kucinichs. we have to take back our government and really the best way to do is congress.

    all politics are local.


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