Friday, August 8

A prayer, or a prediction?

Dear Lord, may we, by your Grace, run a picture of every GOP House member and every GOP Senator up for re-election in a smiling photo op with George Dumbya Bush for ever and ever daily until November. Amen.

Bless your hearts, let's save us some Google:

Republican Senator Collins in red (yeah)

At the Presidential endorsement ceremony for Republican Senator Lindsey Graham**

(**Not for public use, but the AP can kiss my ass.)

John Sununu junior or the third or wev...

Lamar Alexander floated as a Bush running mate in 2000. Thank you, Jesus!


  1. like hannity says, you're a great american. plus i need your help in reinstating the zappadan countdown meter. love ya.

  2. and NOBODY in the blogoverse wished me a happy birthday

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Unfortunately, there are also a metric fuckload of pictures of traitorious Dem congresspeople and senators grinning like motherfucking assholes behind Bush while they watch him sign away our motherfucking civil liberties.


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