Friday, August 29

My immediate first thought when I heard it might be Palin...

...swear to Gd the first thing I thought was, "Princess Sparkle Pony's prayers have been answered." He's had fun with Condi and had to switch his satire to Ursula Plassnik (foreign minister for Austria) but now McCain has chosen the runner-up from Miss Alaska 1984 (no, really.) for his running mate! OMG!

I think Palin will be perfect Princess foil, as she sits on a bearskin sofa cover in front of a stuffed giant crab, wearing bad red sandals. (Damn PSP's on vacation until Tuesday.)

Bookmark him, ma hunnies. It's going to be a lovely seventy days or so over there.

She makes McCain look even older, doesn't she? And shut up, Christian Conservatives will NOT vote for a woman who was in a swimsuit competition. Betcha.


  1. It certainly is an interesting pick, though her unfamiliarity with McCain and vice versa will make this an awkward ticket at best.

  2. i think mccain feels all women are interchangable. i think it's pandering and insulting.

    and desperate.

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    They made my coffee come out my nose...

  4. i've never had much admiration for kay bailey hutchinson, but it was well nigh impossible not to sympathize with her somewhat today as she tried nobly to hold her disgust in check and defend mccain's ridiculous choice after having been passed over for the position herself.

    whatever else one may think of kbh, she's a heavyweight with considerable experience and savvy, and could at the very least present biden with the possibility of a good match come debate time.

  5. One thing in her favor, she's probably a better shot than Shotgun Cheney. Anyone who can bag both a giant crab and a bear is dangerous. Watch out if she's carrying a weighty, oversized purse.

    Can't wait for the skeletons in her closet to be discovered... just what does hubby do in the oil biz... is she buds with Ted Stevens.. oh yeah, lots of fun.

  6. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Gov. Palin said she used to smoke reefer, and she inhaled. She gives the old line, "but I didn't like it" which we all know is a lie. She liked it.

  7. Oh my god, your Sparkle Pony reference was bloody brilliant and hilarious all wrapped up in a nice pink bow. That photo from her showing Sin-de McCain's wrist brace saying "it's pink" made me fall out of my chair.

    I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion in this country, but can't people like this just sit this one out on this election. This reminds me of that aweful movie Idiocracy.

  8. You must have REALLY HATED that bear!
    (Hat tip to arthur)

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    max edison: "She gives the old line, "but I didn't like it" which we all know is a lie. She liked it."

    More likely that she didn't know how to inhale and therefor didn't like it.

  10. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I'm very happy about this choice. It so clearly draws the lines. People will definitely know who -- and what -- they're voting for in November.

    It's going to be the ol' intellectual-vs.-salt o' the earth meme -- again and again and again.

    I wonder if Democrats will finally be able to counter the Republicans' pseudo God 'n' country attacks with a response that makes it clear that being stupid isn't a virtue?

    One can only hope . . .

  11. Anonymous6:56 PM

    What's the source of that marvelous pic? (If I use it in the classroom, as I intend to, I'll need a citation.) Thanks, A

  12. I got it from a conservative blog:

    Says it's Anchorage Daily News.

  13. Where the disses are hers and hers and his...We's bourgeoisie, too!


  14. You should see what they have to say at Hot Chicks with Douchebags!

    McCain's neck even looks like a scrotum.



  15. Anonymous4:27 PM

    You mean that photograph is not a Photoshop job!? Holy fucknoly!

  16. BG, don't think for a second that Christian Coalition members aren't jumping for joy over this selection. They care about two things: 1)abortion, and 2)same-sex marriage. Palin is 100% with them on both these issues. They are not so sure about McCain, however, so she brings them on board.



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