Saturday, May 2

Christy, it's called "May."

Christy Hardin Smith over at FireDogLake has nothing but her garden to blog about? Honey, that's the point this month.

The rest of you don't forget to post regularly, but it's also okay to steal this image above and use it once or twice or thrice this month. Also, be aware that traffic is likely to be off by at least 20%. No big deal: people are doing something somewhere called "outside." I noticed this when a friend said yarn stores see the same dip. Don't panic. Everyone will be back.


  1. I'm so insecure that if I don't post something every day I think I might disappear. For a writer, an audience is like heroin to an addict.

    But then I have a weed infested garden. I live on the edge of a desert and have been thinking that if a plant survives a summer green and alive it deserves to stay, especially if it has a bloom of some kind. I'm determined to only water trees and the kitchen garden this year. The lawn shrinks a bit every year as the Vinca encroaches. I'm rooting for the Vinca, but as long as the lawnmower holds up I'll keep mowing that ever shrinking lawn.

  2. I have two folks guest post on Fridays so we'll have fresh content even when I am not around. My Saturday night guest post beach bum died unexpectedly 10 days ago and I'm waiting to see if someone offers to fill her slot. Otherwise, I do at least two posts a day every day. On the other hand, my entire garden is four window boxes and I have no life offline. OK, a small life.

  3. I try to post at least every other day. Since I write more about my personal adventures in desert green living (sounds like an oxymoron, eh?), I figure I gotta get out and do some living to write about! Stop in over at Trash Thursday, my new spot to write about turning trash into treasure and making art from junk!! Weeeee!

  4. good time to go yarn shopping. as long as you're outside near the car anyway :) got most of my garden planted yesterday but i still have the tomatoes and peppers to go. plus, my sister's garden. may have to snag that pic after all :)

  5. me, i aint going nowhere. too lonely out there. and all those bugs and things. swine pollen flu and such.


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