Friday, May 1

Why we need women on the Supreme Court

Nina Totenberg relays one exchange (at 3:48 at the link) during the Supreme Court hearing.

At this point in the argument, a gender difference reared its head. Justice Breyer suggested that it's no big deal when kids strip, after all, they do it for gym class all the time. Savanna Redding didn't reveal her body beyond her underclothes, said Breyer. Justice Ginsburg, the court's only female justice, bristled. Her eyes flashing with anger, she noted that there's no dispute that Savana was required to shake out her bra and the crotch of her panties. Ginsburg seemed to all but shout, "Boys may like to preen in the locker room, but girls, particularly teenage girls, do not."

After hearing that, I'm beginning to think we need a couple women wrestlers on the court to take Breyer down after saying something that stupid. Not to mention just how badly Scalia needs a couple hundred dope slaps.

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  1. I don't think even a goodly few hundred would make much of an impression on Antonin Scalia. He seems to be made of some kind of ultra-dense material - like the heart of a neutron star, only dumber.


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