Wednesday, May 27

Good one.

Overheard at Twitter:

Wow, Kim Jong Il seems really upset about this Sotomayor pick!

Hennyway. California will hang with Hawaii after they get their constitution fixed. My sense is, there's a real silver lining to the Prop 8 thing -- it will convince young voters that politics matters beyond just electing Barack Obama. A new generation of activists? Dang, that's a sweet earth.

Watch that one to the end. Whuh? Winston Churchill making as much sense as Harry Reid. Wow.

My congressman had an online poll question: do you want terrorists moved onto United States soil?

Honestly, I reject the question, but that's not an option. So I just said


I have to get the kids' stuff ready for some summer travel today. Have a lovely Wednesday.


  1. I would argue that a lot of people my age are already de facto activists. And I agree with you that the Prop 8 thing will continue to galvanize those who aren't.

    California is an alternate universe unto itself and is so screwed up in so many ways, I have never had much fondness for it, nor had any desire to live there.

    It'll take people my age to get into positions of power, which you will start to see in fifteen years or so, before the tide turns in favor of same-sex marriage. Until that point there's going to be this back and forth tug of war. Starting from people around age 35 into today's teens, homosexuality is overwhelmingly accepted as no big deal at all. We grew up in an environment where friends, schoolmates, and acquaintances could be openly out and came out sooner. A generation ago, the average age of coming out of the closet was somewhere between 25-30. Now it's closer to 18.

    I will be very surprised if the issue is conclusively settled in the next twenty years. This is why I'm not really worried about it nor am I expecting much until then.

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  3. Crazy shit!

    poll question: do you want terrorists moved onto United States soil?

    answer: I thought Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld & GW Bush already live on United States soil?

    Or was that *soiled the Unted States*???

    This political stuff is soooo complex!!!

  4. That second video rocks!

  5. Getting out the youth vote and its importance is pretty much how I see it.

    I still cannot believe how pissed off this ruling makes me. If anything, I may be angrier now than I was the day Prop H8 passed.

  6. i would love to see younger people become more politically active but at the same time i hope they learn from my generations mistakes and arrogances. we as a whole never really listened to those older than ourselves except in a very few instances.

    i've found that it pays to listen. it eapecially pays to listen closely to what the other side is truly saying.

    pay attention. pick your battles wisely and don't protest just for the sake of the protesting rush that comes on like a high.

    i was more of a measured one. that got both sides pissed at me at times because i couldn't and wouldn't villify soilders as a group, only as individuals nor would i say that every guy with long hair and a loud foul mouth was my guru. those that did i think wasted a lot of valuable time.

    so pick the battles wisely in any issue and if it means marching and such(and i think prop 8 does)

    do it smart. MLK gained more with dignity than a lot of people that protested vietnam did with antics.

    and keep an eye to the government.

    they have an agenda too depending where the money's to be made.

    i did my bit by convincing those around me that believed that our government could not possibly be lying to us.

    you can change the world 1 heart and 1 mind at a time.i'm still trying. force rarely works.

    i'm looking forward to the days when after the laws are changed to the fairness and equality of all, people will wonder why anyone would want to prevent loving marriages and equality for all.

    my 2 cents


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