Monday, May 4

Kent State, 1970

You can read what I wrote here and here about the anniversary. It's today.

And yeah, you know you've been at this blogging thing a while when you can just refer to your own archives.

A curse on the record company that pulled "Four Dead in Ohio" from history videos on the event. What the hell are they thinking....

Salon tonight, hope to chat with you then. No download or registration needed.


  1. The NEXT day, when the universities of the country erupted in unmatrched rage and violence.

    I was there, at UNM, when the State sent the National Guard to campus to quell disturbances. I've blogged about it heretofore, but will again tomorrow.
    By the way, I was flattered that you named me the paradigm of the "leftBlogosphere' in your reply to the Missouri pharmacy story. I thought mine was a measured response and reply...

  2. Thanks for remembering May 4.

  3. Thanks for posting this BG.

  4. i remember it well. it is also the anniversary of my grandfather's death. odd that.

  5. Where did the last year go? Well besides in the history books. Hard to believe it's May 4th again, with lunatic fringers calling for open rebellion against the Obama administration for— lowering taxes on the middle class.

    Sometimes the dance of one step forward, two steps back makes me wonder if those kids died in vain; and then I add up all that's happened in the last year, and I smile and look forward to all that's gonna happen this year.Thanks, BG.

  6. Lest we forget, ten days later, two more kids were gunned down at Jackson State University in Mississippi.

  7. thanks dave. i had forgotten.
    god, i'm getting old.

  8. Anonymous6:41 PM

    1 was there all week plus. In the MASH group. Helped carry a wounded protestor to an ambulance. It was a crazy time. I recall many of the events of that week or so and wonder how it all happened in such a short time.


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